Dangers of Eating Kratom Leaves

Kratom, the name may be rarely heard by our ears. Although the name is a plant that grows in the Kalimantan region, rarely does anyone talk about kratom in various talks. However, the leaf-shaped Kratom is known as a painkiller, anti-inflammatory, and even herbal remedy for reducing drug addiction as well as Maeng da kratom.
Kratom leaf which has the Latin name Mitragyna speciose has until now become one of the export commodities for Indonesia because the leaves are often taken abroad as ingredients for medicines in several countries. Besides, kratom leaves can also be processed into powder, kratom tea, or consumed raw for health needs.
But behind the benefits and benefits of kratom leaves that grow in the tropics, stored negative effects obtained from the leaves are said to be the same as the effects of cocaine and opium, two of the drugs which are banned in many … Read More

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Kratom Leaf Cultivation

Kratom leaf (Mitragyna speciose) suddenly became a public conversation. Because, these leaves are herbal medicines for Indonesian citizens, but are considered as drugs or illegal drugs abroad.
Cultivation plants that grow on the island of Kalimantan are often also called Bali Kratom and some countries in Southeast Asia have many benefits.
Kratom leaves are believed to help reduce pain, relax, prevent fatigue, and help opium addicts to stop.
It is said as a crop because it is the livelihood of the people of Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan.
Initially, they produced traditional commodities such as rubber and palm oil, but slowly became kratom farmers.
The plant that comes from the coffee family (Rubiaceae) is a tropical plant that can grow as tall as 4 to 16 meters, lay people can also recognize it as Red Bali kratom.

Kratom farmers usually use leaves that have a width that exceeds the palm … Read More

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