39 New Tech Gifts, Cool Gadgets For Men Uk 2022

39 New Tech Gifts, Cool Gadgets For Men Uk 2022

That is why the screen of a smartphone is often covered in grease and grime. The average person will check his phone 50 times a day, and this not always with very clean fingers. The orb will hover and rotate within its ring while emitting perfect sound quality. A simple gadget, yet one that solves a practical issue in the age of smartphones. This smartphone mount easily installs on the steering wheel of any bicycle or bike. Next, we have a cool gadget that can etch text or an image on pretty much any material.

  • Being able to determine what the right technology products are means becoming more productive, being faster, and of course, always having the latest tech-gadgets.
  • There’s even a milk vessel that cools overnight to keep it fresh but uses infrared sensor technology not to add it if you prefer your cuppa black.
  • It was shown at CES 2022 with a Bluetooth keyboard attached, as well as in a clamshell layout with a keyboard built right into the lower half of the screen.

The best thing you can do is always double check the reviews of all the cool gadgets you might come across. In case there are many of them, and most are positive, you have a found potential winner. Treat them to the superior sound of Beats’ EP headphones that combine impressive audio with supreme comfort. These models are wired so all it takes is plugging in to enjoy their favourite tracks and no stress about charging. Sure it’s expensive and the app could be slight overkill for some but if money is no object, this is the electric toothbrush to go for.

Wonder Worker Newton Laptop Stand

On test, we found it responsive and it was strong too, we weren’t able to bypass it in any way. The addition of support for Alexa, Google Assistant, and HomeKit, just reinforces why this is our pick. Nest was among the first companies to inject machine learning into heating and cooling your home, and since then has been hailed as the best smart thermostat manufacturer. Unfortunately, many of its smart features to reduce unwanted alerts require a monthly subscription, which starts from $2.99 / £2.79 / AU$4.49, although you do get a three-month trial. The flying robot has a pro-level Hasselblad camera system and is able to sense objects in all directions, preventing collisions . Other fun features include being able to hook it up to your X-Box, as well as being able to draw directly on the screen.

It weighs just 830g and the real highlight is that it can be rotated 180 degrees, so you can project content onto a table, a wall, the ceiling, the floor. The first is the venu 2 plus, a more premium follow up to the venu 2, which only launched last spring. The venu 2 plus has a 1.3in AMOLED display with a 416 x 416 resolution and unlike the venu 2, comes with a voice assistant, an in-built speaker and a microphone, so you can use it to take phone calls.

39 New Tech Gifts, Cool Gadgets For Men Uk 2022

Its innovating slim and smart design allows you to take this superpower bank anywhere you want. For more inspiration when it comes to cool gadgets for male co-workers, check out this top 20 gifts for co-workers. Next on our list of cool gadgets for men, we have an item that women will highly appreciate as well. Next on our list of cool gadgets for men, we have a nifty device for boys that are into cycling or motorbikes. This mixture of technology, convenience and safety is what makes the best gadgets. Aside from that, we also have lights and a bluetooth eye mask set to help you drift off and fall asleep on those stressful days.


For those looking to take the first steps on their smart home journey, we’d recommend opting for smart lights or smart plugs and switches. These are some of the most affordable smart home devices on the market, as well as being some of the easiest to install. It is going to be another great year for mobile phones, from online slots on the go to high-spec cameras, the mobile phone is constantly evolving. At the Consumer Electronics Show 2022, future technology featured lots of cutting edge developments.

Folding the phone will allow you to set the phone on a table and watch videos, for example. When your phone is closed, you may still see notifications on the little screen on the back. While most movie theatres use external loudspeakers to broadcast audio, Pulse uses speakers incorporated right into the chair to give you an immersive listening experience. There is a lot of intensity to this system, but you may also feel frequencies up to 1,000Hz on your skin. Anyone would tell you that the best thing to do is to splurge on the gadgets or hitech gadgets that you actually plan to use the most. Prior to investing your resources, you have to ensure that the investment you make is one that you can benefit from and enjoy.

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If you’re ready for something more serious, or want a tracker for specific activities like swimming, read the WIRED Recommends guide to the best fitness trackers. The Fitbit Luxe (£104) may not be aimed at the most hardcore of fitness enthusiasts but its in slim style and all-round capabilities that make it our top fitness tracker pick. Its lightweight makes it ideal for sleep tracking while also coming equipped with the key bells and whistles you expect from a tracker–save for GPS, though. The Steelseries Arctis 9 Wireless (£169) is the best gaming headset. For Android fans, there’s the feature-rich Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (£980) is the Android phone to go for. But there is now a plan B for your bottle – this one, which self-cleans and uses UV-C light to purify water of 99.99 per cent of its bacteria and viruses.