70 inch TVs VS 70 inch smart TVs

70 inch TVs VS 70 inch smart TVs
70 inch TVs VS 70 inch smart TVs

The popularity of 70 inch TVs keeps growing each day. That’s because of their functionalities as well as the qualities of images and videos.  However, they are not common in the market. Most manufacturers go for either the 65 inches or the 75 inches. That is not justice given the fact that 70-inch TVs also have a share of benefits. They include excellent features, including refresh rates, ports, high-quality built-in audio, picture quality, and viewing angle. However, most people find themselves in a dilemma. Should they go for 70 inch TVs or 70 inch smart TVs? This article will help you decide easily. Read on!

What are 70 inch TVs?

70 inch TVs, as the name suggests, are TVs with a screen size of 70 inches. Their popularity keeps increasing because of the array of functionalities that it offers. For instance, they provide an excellent high dynamic range of image rendering. At the same time, color reproduction is fantastic. The big screen also comes bearing several benefits. They include excellent picture resolution, perfect picture, and video quality and amazing entertainment experience.

What 70 inch smart TVs

On the other hand, 70 inch smart TVs are smart compared to the typical 70 inch TVs. Unlike its counterpart, it uses an operating system that helps view, manages, and access both online and net-work based media content. Even standard70 inch TVs can indeed do that. However, with a 70 inch smart TV, you don’t need a connection to an additional box such s Firestick or Roku. outdoor tvs

More on the differences between the two are coming up in a moment. Just keep reading to learn more about 70 inch TVs.

70 inch TVs VS 70 inch smart TVs, What are the Different between them? 

  • Operating system: One of the differences between 70 inch TVs and 70 inch smart TVs is the aspect of operating systems. Unlike normal TVs, smart TVs use operating systems.  They use operating systems such as webOS, Smart Central, and Tizen. Those that use the Android operating system are referred to as Android TV.
  • Apps: With a smart TV, you can access applications from the TV. If they don’t come preinstalled, you can also download them from the app store. Some of the available apps are social networking ones, including Twitter and Facebook, as well as BBC iPlayer. Other TVs don’t have built-in apps.
  • Miracast and screen sharing: With a 70 inch smart TV, you will be in a position to view content that is on a compatible tablet or smartphone from the TV screen for a better view.
  • Streaming: They also allow you to stream movies and TV shows from the likes of Amazon Video and Netflix. As for the normal 70 inch TVs, you will need additional equipment to stream.
  • Screen: Most 70 inch smart TVs have touchscreen while that is not the case for the 70 inch TVs.
  • Functionality: 70 inch TVs are basic televisions. On the other hand, 70 inch TVs are a hybrid of a computer and a TV.
  • Internet: Smart TVs can access the internet, has a web browser, and needs WI-FI to work. That is not the case for typical TVs.

Should you choose 70 inch TVs or 70 inch smart TVs?

Buying 70 inch TVs ensures that you enjoy many benefits. Its price is relatively low. The exciting part is that once you combine it with the likes of a Roku smart box, you will enjoy similar features at an affordable price. You will also get to stream movies. The security and properties of variable personal and financial data are hard, unlike when using smart TVs. Since updates are a necessity, your TV is also safe from cyber-attacks. After all, they are not connected to the internet. They will never hang hence reliable too.

Purchasing 70 inch smart TVs is also advantageous. For instance, it is possible to integrate it with your smart home automation. Consequently, you can control the thermostat, watching security footage, and turning lights on and off with voice commands. They are also easy to set up. With streaming, your entertainment will be at a whole new level. You will also be in a position to download and use apps unavailable on normal TVs. They include Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Netflix, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.


From the above discussion, you will take home a 70 inch TV that meets your needs. That’s because you know the meaning of each choice. In addition to that, you understand the differences between standard 70 inch TVs and 70 inch smart TVs. Last but not least, you know what you stand to gain or lose once you buy either of the two. After all, both of them have their pros and conference room tvs . Weigh the two and see the ones that are worth your money.