Advertising Tips and Secrets

Advertising Tips and Secrets

As a business owner, it’s vital that you know how these concepts are different as these can significantly affect the long-term success of any company. Whether that’s Google AdWords, email marketing, guest blogging, or a little bit of everything, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ – but there are some pretty decent rules of thumb that will put your business in a great position. Ensure your staff members are all on the same page with how to present your business, any key objectives of the show and any special promotions for show attendees.

It is no wonder that Eskimoz has been able to conquer the European search engine optimization market. Sarah Austin had a nearly fifteen-year-long career in corporate event management, including a highly respected position in an FTSE 100… Santiago Schmitt first started working on the idea for a business that would make his mum’s weekly online grocery shop… When it comes to running a business, it’s always important to invest in quality talents.

  • Your philosophical foundations must fit with what is built onto them, and vice-versa.
  • For this, it’s important to map out what targets you want to achieve so that you can put an advertising strategy in place to work towards them.
  • These ads reach such audiences on an incredibly large scope and can be exceedingly cost-effective to implement if run correctly.
  • Successful marketing strategies support companies to develop a method of serving their consumer base while also generating profit.

If you can guarantee regular vlogs, create a YouTube channel for your business. If not, upload a couple to your Facebook page and see how they fare. Be prepared to be dedicated to it – vlogging gives back what you put in so you need to be consistent with it.

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This information is invaluable to help refine your marketing strategy so be confident and politely get the information you need from anyone enquiring into your business. This is a free advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost, unusual marketing tactics that give maximum results. These tend to be more unexpected and unconventional, focusing on engaging, thought-provoking concepts to generate buzz around your brand. “The ability to target fans of specific TV shows who are a certain age and live within a certain radius of us is an incredibly efficient way of reaching potential customers,” says David Middleton of Escape Room business, Bewilder Box. For example, The Big Cat Sanctuary posts beautiful images of its big cats alongside stories and details explaining how to get involved in supporting wildcat welfare. The ‘Thank You’ page is an opportunity to promote similar products or unique discount codes so customers shop with you again.

Advertising Tips and Secrets

Increase your marketing skills within modules or through the Marketing Society and 360, our Business School student-led consultancy firm. In your first year, you’ll study Creative Skills for Marketers, Consumer Behaviour and Analysis, Marketing Communication, and Social Media Channels alongside other Business and Management modules. These modules are compulsory for all marketing courses, allowing you flexibility to change to a different course or stream after your first year wish to pursue a different career path.

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Innovation acts as a key driver for economic growth providing social and economic benefits for local, national and international communities. Without innovation, our social and economic systems do not function! This module encourages you to understand how innovation actually happens by carrying out a practical innovation audit within a large established organisation.


Test the listings yourself to see how well they work and how commonly they feature in the main search engine listings, especially Google. There is no point trying to build brand awareness at times of great financial pressure. You will increase sales by putting your efforts into direct response advertising. Organisations which offer advertising services are usually able to provide a lot of information about their readership/audience, or to ensure that quite accurate customer targeting applies. You can look at other advertisers that repeatedly using various media to gauge how effectively it’s working for them, which will provide some clues as to how well it might work for you.

Some brands may have an established perception already – and it might not always be positive. Advertising can help to shift people’s attitudes toward your brand. For example, following negative PR or customer backlash, brands may look to use advertising as an outlet to apologise and offer an explanation for the incident. Done sincerely and correctly, this can work to boost positive sentiment around the brand. Generate awareness of your business — Advertising is also invaluable for small or startup businesses looking to boost awareness of their brand to a broader audience. In a company’s infancy, generating buzz around the brand should be the primary goal before encouraging people to do any other action.

Some experts have even deemed it “the sum of all impressions”. Partnering with like-minded customers or suppliers can be useful in running events, and also in finding suitable venues. As a general rule, the bigger and more complex/expensive the product/service then the less you should try to sell it at the event. Your aim in this situation is to build your own credibility and to generate interest for follow-up discussions.