Best Batch Cooking Recipes

Best Batch Cooking Recipes

This simple and wholesome bread is made quickly and can be on the table to enjoy in less than 45 mins. It uses a combination of wholemeal and plain flour to give a rustic texture and flavour without being too heavy. A light fatless sponge layered with raspberry conserve, cream and summer fruits topped with fresh fruits and meringue kisses.

Best Batch Cooking Recipes

This British-Asian background allows me to explore the culinary best of both worlds. Stir up this simple, flavour-packed curry in the time it would take for a takeaway delivery to arrive… Fill the freezer with these clever batch cooking recipes, featuring stews, curries, soups and more.

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Scrape down the mash and add the honey, defrutum, oil, fish sauce and vinegar. Stir into a smooth emulsion and pour over the marrow or squash. Cover with a lid or foil and reheat thoroughly in a pre-heated oven at 180°C/gas mark 4. The recipe from Cato dates to about 200 BC, but olives provided relish and flavouring all through ancient times. The olive tree had been under cultivation in Greece for a thousand years, if not longer, when the Iliad and Odyssey were composed .

A lovely little loaf to serve with cheese as part of a selection of dishes. AGA Demonstrator Penny Zako shares her recipe for crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside roast potatoes in the Rayburn cooker. This dessert is packed full of a delicious selection of fruit, nuts and chocolate to create a delicious caramel slice. It’s a quick and easy bake in the Rayburn and is a total crowd pleaser. Brilliant AGA Demonstrator Naomi Hansell shares her recipe for an easy bread dough and all the delicious baked treats you can make from it. A deliciously rich mushroom wellington, this recipe is the perfect meat-free supper.

  • And voila (or “he aqai” as they say in Mexico) instant homemade meals for a flexible amount of people.
  • Recipe courtesy of AGA Specialist Dawn Roads and adapted from a recipe by Jo Seagar of New Zealand.
  • When the joint is cooked, remove it from the oven and leave to rest for 10 minutes before carving thick slices and serving with a little of the sauce on the side.
  • Here we have assumed that they were separate – you can serve the figs alongside your Delian Sweets.

This easy supper can be prepared and cooked in just one dish, making it a firm mid-week favourite. The gammon can be served hot or cold and any left-overs are delicious teamed with pasta and leeks in a cheese sauce. This easy recipe only needs 2 ingredients and cooks overnight to help save you time in the morning. A substantial salad full of flavour, with everyone’s favourite squeaky cheese working beautifully with the smoky sweet peppers. A delicious and quick omelette, ideal for breakfast, lunch or a light supper and packed with flavour. The aroma of this ham cooking in the oven is one of my favourite smells of Christmas!

Juliet’s Cherry Bakewell Cake

For something that looks and tastes so spectacular it is a breeze to make. The meringue will keep for weeks in an airtight container in a cool place or for months in the freezer. The fruit and cream can be prepared at least a few hours before assembling.

The creamy, tangy filling is topped with crunchy slices of marinated beetroot to create a show-stopping vegetarian tart. Roasting strawberries is a wonderful way to bring out their sweetness, and whilst its not typically an English way of eating strawberries – it is delicious. Starting from 22nd Jun, Longdan Ltd no longer support the delivery of fresh, chilled and frozen items to Scotland & Northern Ireland & Channel Islands. Visit Better Health Make your own healthy changes with our free support for adults. Get tips, tools and simple ideas to help you lose weight, move more, quit smoking or drink less.

Macaroni cheese with tomatoes

Add some colourful rustic table decorations and a few candles to make dinner a real occasion. Butterflying the chicken means it cooks significantly quicker than a whole bird would. Great for a Saturday night in and particularly useful when a barbeque is rained off.

London-based Ukrainian chef Olia Hercules, is in the kitchen sharing her simple summer recipe from her homeland of Ukraine. Nisha’s back in the kitchen and kicking off your week with a splash of spice with her succulent 30 minute chicken dopiaza and apricot curry. Phil’s fabulous flaky pastry layered with cream and strawberries makes for the ultimate summer treat. If you want to bring a taste of the sun to your kitchen, Shivi Ramoutar’s back with a super speedy dish that’s ready in just 15 minutes.

“Winning” matching icons will produce higher quality dishes, with a bonus to both base and spice added stats. After the dish is cooked the base stats display, then increase as each star is added. In player inventory stars over the icon of the dish indicate its quality. In addition to three ingredients each recipe can optionally include a spice, which applies a further buff. Each spice corresponds to a different buff, and the effects will scale up for dishes of higher quality.