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Excellent company also excellent staff, polite, professional, and always kept informed of progress, I am receiving nearly double the amount of enquirys after using Leapfrog internet marketing. Digital marketing agencies mostly charge clients on either a per hour or per day basis (where a day comprised 7.5 hours). The agency will likely recommend a number of days suitable to achieve the results you’re looking for. Liam Patton, our founder and director, formed Mayfly in 2008.

So if your business is lacking an online presence, we strongly recommend investing in internet marketing today. With its help you can transform your business into a money-making success and reap the rewards of a well-designed website. Alongside offline marketing, leaflets and word of mouth; top businesses now heavily rely upon the internet to reach their prospective audiences to ensure that they succeed at increasing their sales. Fail to keep up and take advantage of this technology, and your lack of online presence could cost you your business. We can help with the research, implementation, development and management of any internet marketing campaign.

But for most businesses the most important figure for the website is not the number of visitors but how many of those translate into leads or sales. Google Analytics provides data that empowers your business and helps you to achieve your online objectives. If you want your site to make more of an impact or need to convert interest into sales, then this is the toolbox that can help you do it. Working with clients of all sizes, from start ups to large multinationals, our expert team can help to create effective SEO strategies that drive traffic to your site.

Since 2008, our Liverpool digital marketing agency has been helping a wide range of businesses achieve their goals. We deliver effective internet digital marketing solutions that engage your target audience and contribute to your bottom line. Email marketing – this marketing technique has rapidly evolved since the introduction of the internet, as it now effectively enables businesses to collect contact information. Our dedicated social media management team currently handle a number of major brands, but never rely on the same methods for success.

If you fancy reliving our winning moment, you’ll find our category at around the 5.45 mark 😍. CRO We’ll nudge your website visitors along their buying journey by using our expertise in Conversation Rate Optimisation. Influencer Marketing We’ll match you with influencers who can become genuine ambassadors for your brand to get that real-world-recommendation feel. SEO We’ll get you to the top of the Google for the searches that really matter to you, with expert keyword strategies & optimisation tactics. Needs of the client and is geared towards achieving the business objectives we have agreed with them. Instantly connect with a highly-engaged generation of consumers in major locations all around the world by advertising on one of the most popular apps.

Thank you for reviewing my website the advice you gave me I will implement. Geoff at Leapfrog’s knowledge of SEO is second to none and he has supported my business on many occasions. Thank you so much Geoff, the support and information you have given me and my business will be the difference between me being invisible to Google and getting to page one.

“We have used Gary for several years now and have been impressed with their services.” As well as all the above, we also offer comprehensive technical support covering content migrations, managed hosting and security. In this episode we’re joined by professional hypnotist and mind-reader , who are collectively known as the Email Marketing… Designs to show off your brand and development skills to maximise its exposure. We faced stiff competition, from some amazing agencies spanning the north of England, but we’re absolutely thrilled to have been crowned the agency of the year.

We will also train YOU how to successfully run these yourself. The Company has provided an array of web and marketing services for us including website design, hosting, SEO and AdWords management, which we can confidently say has improved our site traffic and ultimately our product sales. Our results are down to constant enhancing of our skill set and our knowledge in regards to Google & Bing; their algorithms and guidelines. We achieve these results through high authority link building and quality content writing and optimisation. All our methods are tested in-house and will not only get you to the top of the search rankings, you will invariably stay there. Your account will receive the very best in industry standards.

We have grown to become one of the UK’s largest White Label PPC Management Agencies. White Label PPC allows you to extend your digital marketing services to your clients with zero need for in-house expertise. Before we start on what an Internet Marketing Agency does, let’s try to understand what actually is Internet Marketing.