Doublespark Internet Marketing

We will look to bring you the best of these tools in our tools section. Designs to show off your brand and development skills to maximise its exposure. We believe in total transparency; we enrol all of our clients on our online monitoring system, Web Fingerprints, an online tool that allows you to monitor our performance on a daily-basis. CRO We’ll nudge your website visitors along their buying journey by using our expertise in Conversation Rate Optimisation.

In the absence of an open licence (e.g. Creative Commons), permissions for further reuse of content should be sought from the publisher or author. What a amazing company to help with Business – their SEO 1 minute review is wonderful and the tips they provide are invaluable. Geoff at Leapfrog’s knowledge of SEO is second to none and he has supported my business on many occasions. Thank you so much Geoff, the support and information you have given me and my business will be the difference between me being invisible to Google and getting to page one.

Research shows that 90% of internet users only check the first page of search results, so it’s important you’re found for the correct keywords and on that first page. How this is achieved is a complex process and the landscape is constantly evolving, meaning that companies need to be agile in their approach to SEO and keep a constant eye on their rankings. At Leapfrog Internet Marketing, we specialise in demystifying the process of SEO, helping you move up the search engine rankings, aiming to get you to the top of that first page.

We can help set your social media strategy, advise on your online marketing, AdWords, pay per click advertising and search engine optimisation. Visibility is what every web owner wants to have and keep on exaggerating for sales & a high rate of profitability. It happens through marketing for eCommerce or businesses of any kind.

The quality of work they have provided for us has been exceptional. They have been an integral part of our rapid growth, and deserve a good amount of credit for it. Get an idea of what the people working for the agency are like, and if they will be a good fit with your stakeholders.

We also offer a suite of training materials to get you up to speed quickly with our software. Check out the videos to see more of the Persuasionworks system in action. SEO Keyword Research – Our strong suggestion however, is that you engage professionals for your business keyword research. Find out how we conduct professional keyword research and produce a Keyword Blueprint for our customers.

Start by consulting with a digital marketing agency, so they can assess your needs. Paid advertising is a cost-effective method of driving relevant traffic to your website – fast. Each of our paid campaigns is fuelled by research and backed up by reliable data. Whether you’re looking to convert new customers on search engines, or reach a brand new audience on a social network, paid advertising can provide quick wins for businesses looking to get results sooner rather than later.

The NRI consultant got 800% up in the SE traffic and social visibility went up by 300%. We attempt every e-marketing hack to maximise results as foreseen. We treat your website as a virtual sales representative to promote online.