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Find out who is opening your newsletters and clicking on the links in your email messages. Make use of dozens of free and beautifully designed mailing templates and newsletters. With FreshMail Designer, you have the freedom to edit, personalise and send them out without limits – and watch your campaigns bring results to be proud of. Do you ever find yourself making important business decisions based on a hunch? Would you like to know how you can improve the success rate of email marketing by…

Showcase your Expertise -Establish your firm as leaders in the industry. A newsletter demonstrates your expertise and displays your experience and recent work. Include blog posts, share tips and cover any important recent issues in the legal sector.

The consent provided by the individual must be specific, informed and freely given. It can be withdrawn at any time and there should be a means of documenting if an individual has ‘opted out’. The aim of this module is to expose students to a range of concepts, models and emerging technologies that are and will shape most aspects of marketing. Email marketing is the most effective way to convert curious parties into first time customers and to transform previous customers into repeat buyers. To examine how organisations can use the Internet to support their marketing activities, covering aspects of the subject ranging from environmental analysis to strategy development and implementation.

Our award-winning Careers Service is one of the largest and best in the country, and we have strong links with employers. We provide an extensive range of opportunities to all students through our ncl+ initiative. To raise awareness of your business and what it can offer your target customers, you need to communicate that to them in the right way, using channels that create the biggest impact. If you’re an expert in your field, think about sharing that expertise online.

You can still send unsolicited marketing messages – as long as you comply with PECR. This is proving a great way to communicate with our wholesale and retail customers and view visible immediate results ensuring our customers are fully up to date with the latest product & company developments. We are looking forward to implementing further targeting and strategies with Kate going forward. If you ever want to talk about your email campaigns, your own dedicated digital marketing consultant will always be a phone call away, and happy to discuss strategy, numbers and results.