Marketing Viral

Mainstream Media Exposure – Traditional media still holds a powerful place in creating brand awareness. Through viral marketing, your brand can receive media coverage without having to pay for it. If you are featured by big media outlets, their subsidiaries and other small media houses will follow your story and create more exposure. This is because the user is the one choosing to participate and share the brand’s message, and with recognition comes credibility.

Twitter, a microblogging platform, has set a great example of viral marketing. Zoom, a video conferencing platform, had come up with a Virtual Background Competition in March 2020. They could share videos or pictures using zoom’s virtual background feature. Track entries, social growth, and sales performance, and more for every promotion. When your content transcends all cultures and language, go the extra mile to make it understandable for your global audience in their native languages.

You can target mobile ads by audience segments or by using geofencing. Geofencing is one of the most popular tactics as it is based on a consumer’s physical location. This is a lazor-focused strategy as you are able to target mobiles ads to a clearly defined and relevant audience. Additionally, television ads can now be targeted directly to locations or demographics through things like Virgin or Sky TV. But, it’s not just on your TV.

Finding a marketing partner you are confident will help you meet your business objectives is no easy task. That’s especially true if you’ve worked with a full-service marketing agency that failed to develop a true marketing strategy. Uber became a social sensation at the South by South West festival. They offered free rides to attendees during the conference and festival. This created a sensation during the event and people started discussing it on social media.

68% of marketing leaders use guided selling technology or tools. It is not an exact science and one cannot simply wake up, post it, and it becomes a hit. If you’d like to add a similar donation link to your website but don’t know how, feel free to reach out to us and we can try to help. Knowing the fine details will help you pivot and generate a mobile ad campaign that has a high conversion rate. You can collect and analyse this data through sources such as Google Analytics.