New Apple Mac Professional anticipated in 2023

Apple Mac Pro

We were hoping to see a new Apple Mac Pro this year, although according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, we will have to wait until 2023 to see the device.

The Mac Pro will come with an Apple Silicon processor, it could be a version of the new M2 processor or possibly another processor as it is launching next year. You can see what Mark Gurman had to say about the device below.

Work continues on the first Apple Silicon Mac Pro.As I reported ahead of the iPad and Apple TV launch this past week, Apple still has some Macs to debut over the next several months, including a new Mac mini and a MacBook Pro.

But there’s one Mac that neither I, nor Apple, has discussed in some time: the Mac Pro. While I don’t believe the first Apple Silicon Mac Pro will go on sale until 2023, I know that testing of such a machine has ramped up inside of Apple’s walls. 

We may have to wait until next year to see the updated  Mac Pro, Apple will be launching some new Macs before the end of the year.

These new Macs are expected to launch in November and they should include some new 14-inch and 16 inch MacBook Pro notebooks. There is also a new Mac Mini on the way with an M2 processor.

Source Bloomberg

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