The Top 10 Viral Marketing Examples Key Lessons Included!

Every time people buy their products, they donate meals to dog shelters. Keeping to their core, the company started running ads on Facebook to attract more people to donate. Being an iconic brand in the market, even Apple requires a marketing strategy that would help them to retain their customers. And with the launch of the iPhone X, Apple put out its ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign to promote how amazing their cameras were.

The company can reach a larger audience even by offering that customers are ready to accept. Dropbox, the go-to cloud storage service to save your files and data. And the best part is once stored in virtual space, you can share and sync your files without the hassle of sending attachments individually. Young participants of SXSW no doubt took to social media and in no time it became viral on social media. IHeartDogs is a company that … Read More

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