The Top 10 Viral Marketing Examples Key Lessons Included!

Every time people buy their products, they donate meals to dog shelters. Keeping to their core, the company started running ads on Facebook to attract more people to donate. Being an iconic brand in the market, even Apple requires a marketing strategy that would help them to retain their customers. And with the launch of the iPhone X, Apple put out its ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign to promote how amazing their cameras were.

The company can reach a larger audience even by offering that customers are ready to accept. Dropbox, the go-to cloud storage service to save your files and data. And the best part is once stored in virtual space, you can share and sync your files without the hassle of sending attachments individually. Young participants of SXSW no doubt took to social media and in no time it became viral on social media. IHeartDogs is a company that was established for a social welfare purpose.

Setting up Spotify ads was once quite a long-winded task, but now the leading audio streaming platform has an incredibly user-friendly self-service ad platform. Spotify Ad Studio also includes a handy voice-over option where you type in what you want the ad to sound like, and they use their own in-house voice actors to create your ad. Through keyword research and ranking analysis, we determine how you fair against your competitors for keyword rankings. We then work on optimising your website and the content on it for search engines, as well as building quality links both to and from your website, in order to allow your website to be crawled efficiently.

Old Spice did just that with customized videos and that won over their trust. doesn’t have to be confined to video or image formats. This example shows what your brand should do when it receives positive mentions from customers. Wendy’s hardly thought Carter’s post would go anywhere, but due to his efforts, they encouraged other users to help him reach his goal.

No need to dig around for promotion performance – it’s all right at your fingertips. Ultimately, YouTube description templates can help you reduce the amount of time it takes to upload and optimize your YouTube videos, getting them out to your audience quickly and with less effort. Just be sure to customize the text to enhance the reading experience because you want to be as helpful as possible for your audience.

Radio ads are a great way to get your business or brand heard, and it’s never been easier to do with digital advertising. Through posting blogs, videos and images, you build up a loyal consumer base, that visit your site for content that serves a purpose. Whether that be informative content about your business or industry knowledge you share, your customers will appreciate the effort behind every blog or video you post. It’s about listening to your customer needs and producing what they want. If your content is share-worthy enough, it can help drive in traffic and potentially more business. Track the performance of your campaign with easy to understand tracking data.

People have started sharing the Shot on iPhone images and video. Apple had successfully portrayed itself as the best camera phone for all camera lovers or content creators out there. This campaign brought new people to Zoom and got them to explore different features.

Eldridge partnered with Sony Music Group last year to buy Bruce Springsteen’s recorded music and songwriting catalogue. Mr. Boehly is part of a consortium trying to buy the Chelsea soccer club from Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich. Eldridge also owns stakes in Canadian financial technology companies Wealthsimple Technologies and Koho Financial. The deal – amounting to $150-million up front and another $100-million over the next 18 months – values Viral Nation at $650-million postfunding.

All without any influencer help or big-star power – just a simple and powerfully human story that transcends language, race and age. Well, some of these challenges are only for fun, but others are for a good cause. The Run for Heroes challenge was started to raise funds for the NHS using exercise to bring about change. Paul Rudd isn’t exactly a millennial, which makes the whole tweet funny.