Application: 4 Easy steps to Buy Gasoline With My Pertamina

Application: 4 Easy steps to Buy Gasoline With My Pertamina
Application: 4 Easy steps to Buy Gasoline With My Pertamina

Application- PT Pertamina (PerseroLoyalty )’s Program, My Pertamina Applications, offers numerous rewards to customers who use that application.

You only need to buy gasoline at Pertamina’s gas stations and get various merchants or vouchers by exchanging the points earned when buying gasoline using the My Pertamina applications.

Before knowing what you can get from exchanging My Pertamina points, let’s find out how to get points from these government-owned applications first.

Register to become a member of My Pertamina

The first thing you have to do is download the My Pertamina applications and register as a member. You must enter your phone number and full name to register, then enter your password as a code to enter the application.

After becoming a member, then reopen the downloaded application by entering your name and password.

Then, on the main page of the My Pertamina application, there is a notification to activate the LinkAja application as a payment method. Then, Activate the payment method by entering the mobile number registered in your LinkAja application.

After LinkAja is active as a payment method, then you are ready to buy gasoline at Pertamina gas stations.

Make Payments at gas stations

Then at this stage, to get points, you have to make a payment using the My Pertamina application (try to tell the gas station officer to use My Pertamina as payment).

If you don’t notify the officer using the application, it is possible that the QR Code will not be read in the My Pertamina application, (usually officers use the LinkAja QR Code, so it cannot be read in the My Pertamina application).

Earned Point Value

In addition, every time you buy gasoline at Pertamina gas stations using the My Pertamina application. So, you can get points. Then, the value of this point is different for each type of gasoline purchased.

Here are the points you can get when you buy gasoline:

  1. Pertamax Turbo – 100 Points
  2. Pertamax – 25 Points
  3. Pertalite – 1 Point
  4. Solar Dex – 100 Points
  5. Dexlite – 25 Points

Convert Points to Merchant

After getting points, you can exchange them for various kinds of vouchers and merchandise.


  1. Concordia Premium Lounge Bali – 400 Points
  2. Concordia Premium Lounge Surabaya – 400 Points
  3. Saphire Blue Sky Lounge T3 Domestic Soekarno-Hatta – 4,000 Points
  4. Concordia Premium Lounge Jogja – 400 Points
  5. Pap Smear Examination – 100,000 Points
  6. Medical Check-Up Healthy Lifestyle – 100,000 Points
  7. Children’s Burning Interest Test – 100,000 Points
  8. CT Calcium Score – 60,000 Points
  9. Patra Bali Resort & Villas E-Voucher – 60,000 Point


  1. Emco Brix Pertamina Gas Station – 80,000 Points
  2. Pertamax Turbo Jacket – 50,000 Points
  3. Die-Cast Lambo – 100,000 Points
  4. Die-Cast Truck – 100,000 Points.

Don’t have this app yet? Download now and register yourself to get the benefits provided. Good luck.

For those of you who have used the My Pertamina application, So you can share your experiences in the comments column. Thank you