Magnificence Devices that You Want in your Magnificence Cupboard (2022)

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Why waste money on dermatologists’ visits, when you can use beauty gadgets from the comfort of your home? That too without professional assistance. This article has a list of the 5 best Beauty Gadgets that You Need for your Beauty Cabinet (2022). Their benefits, budget, and how to use them, you will find everything simplified in this article. So, hang on, we are getting you there.

Beauty gadgets of 2022

Though there are numerous beauty gadgets out there. But the more options, the more confusion. That’s why here is the updated list of the 5 best beauty gadgets in 2022. They are as follows:

  1. Droplet skin infusion device
  2. Jillian Dempsey gold bar skin sculpting tool
  3. Face gym face shot micro-needling device
  4. Foreo UFO
  5. Dermaflash 

Droplet skin infusion device

A transdermal skin care device created by MIT Ph.D. scientists Rathi Srinivas and Madhvi Gavini. It is an injection-free and painless delivery system for the skin. Which enhances transdermal drug absorption. In simple words, a medical-grade tool that can be used by anyone and not just professionals. Indeed it is one of the best beauty gadgets of 2022. 

How it works

  • Droplett works by the micro-mist mechanism of delivering ingredients to the transdermal skin surface.
  • This beauty gadget comes with three capsules installed within the device. These capsules are retinol, glycolic acid, and collagen formulas.
  • Droplett makes it safe for your skin from the side effects of potent formulas installed within the device. All because of the micro-mist mechanism.
  • Last but not the least, it boosts your skin hydration.


Droplett comes in the $299 price range and $79-$159 for potent formulas. All in all, it is quite expensive for everyone, but if you are spending more than this on your dermatologist’s visit. Then, you should go for it.

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Jillian Dempsey gold bar skin sculpting tool

Beauty gadgets of 2022

There is no doubt that skin messages are hyped nowadays. Above all of the numerous face massage tools, Gold Bar comes as the most reliable and effective face massager. This beauty gadget has a Japan origin, 24ct gold bar gets into unreachable places of your skin. One of the Beauty Gadgets that You Need for your Beauty Cabinet (2022)

How it works

  • Relaxes your facial muscles, while vibrating 6,000 times per minute
  • Alongside, delivers contouring and sculpting effect around your cheeks and jawline
  • Handy and easy to use, one of the best Beauty Gadgets that You Need for your Beauty Cabinet (2022). 

Face gym face shot 

Micro-needling device

If you admire the results of painful micro-needling procedures then, this beauty gadget is meant for you. That is too in the form of a handy tool and not a professional appointment. There is no surprise why it is on the list of beauty gadgets of 2022.

How it works

  • This tool comes in the form of two in one formula. One part performs micro-needling of the skin and the other one dispenses glycolic acid ampoules, deeper into the skin
  • Microneedling starts skin repairing and glycolic acid chemically removes dead skin cells
  • As a result, your skin comes out with a glowing and smooth texture. After long-term use, a face gym face shot is capable of diminishing hyperpigmentation, reducing wrinkles, and clearing pores and scarring.


$250 for a face gym face shot micro-needling device. That is a one-time investment. Additionally, you will have to spend $80 for a vitamin ampoule. All in all, not bad. 

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Foreo UFO

Beauty Gadgets that You Need for your Beauty Cabinet (2022)

Foreo UFO is quick as well as budget-friendly. No wonder why this is the best beauty gadget in 2022. Where you used to spend 2+ hours for your spa facials, this beauty gadget can do it for you within 2 minutes. Another reason to go for it is, no greasy residue afterward, you happily apply your skincare serums afterward. So now on, start your skin treatment at your home.

How it works

  • Choose one mask on your phone (one that is already in your hand). Now that application will guide you throughout the process.
  • It takes at least 90 seconds for the whole process, if you want to exceed you can do that.
  • Once done, you won’t even need washing off, no greasy residuals.
  • You can simply wash your face with warm water, and keep the kit back in your beauty cabinet.
  • You can even use it with an H20 overdose mask or call it a night mask.


Each mask costs around $3.30. Now the frequency of use depends totally on you. Indeed it is the most budget-friendly option on the list of beauty gadgets of 2022.


Dermaplaning exfoliating device

This is one of the Beauty Gadgets that You Need for your Beauty Cabinet (2022) As it is capable of giving similar results as sonic dermaplaning. That too after once in a few months’ use. A sharp but quick and easy-to-use tool, be careful of the sharp blades.

How it works

  • Dermaflash is the most convenient option on the list, as you can use it as a face shaver.
  • It shaves off all the dead skin and leaves you with the peach fuzz
  • Simply use it as a shaver, once every few months, and the job is done.


The whole tool will cost you $200, in which you get dermaflash, its blades, and pre-wash and post-treatment cream. When it comes to replacement, you can buy blades, treatment cream, and pre-wash for $29. That’s a good deal indeed.


Science-based skin care is ruling our world nowadays. Skin aging or dullness issues are no more incurable issues. And spending time and money on a dermatologist’s visit is a bygone trend now. You can choose any of the beauty gadgets mentioned in the article above, they all promise satisfying results, easy to use at affordable costs. So, which Beauty Gadgets that You Need for your Beauty Cabinet (2022)? Tell us in the comments section.

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