Internet Quota: 5 Tips to Save Internet Data Packages

Internet Quota: 5 Tips to Save Internet Data Packages
Internet Quota: 5 Tips to Save Internet Data Packages

Internet Quota – For users who have a WiFi internet network, they may not need to worry about the remaining quota from the data package. WiFi service is usually not limited to a data package quota to be used to access the internet.

Users only need to pay a monthly WiFi subscription fee and can immediately use internet access for free. It’s a different story with users who don’t subscribe to WiFi services or only have internet data packages.

To access the internet on a mobile phone, users need to purchase an internet data package provided by each cellular operator. Each data package offered has a different price according to the size of the internet quota.

Relax, there are several ways you can do to save the internet data packages, for example by turning off the automatic file download feature. Already curious about how to save internet data packages? Check out the explanation below, for optimize your site’s crawl budget

Turn off automatic file download

Some social media applications usually have an automatic file download feature, for example, WhatsApp. This will consume a quota so that it can waste data usage. Not all sent files are important to download, therefore, turn off automatic file downloads contained in social media applets.

Turn off automatic app updates

Mobile phone users need to turn off automatic application updates that use cellular networks in order to save internet data packages. Application version updates can also consume a fairly large amount of quota, sometimes it can reach 100 MB more if done on a mobile device with a cellular connection.

Avoid backing up files using mobile networks

We recommend that you do not back up files on cloud platforms, such as iCloud or Google Drive, using a cellular network. The more you back up files, the more you use the internet quota. In order to save the internet quota, you can use a WiFi network when available.

Avoid excessive access to video streaming platforms

Streaming HD resolution video in one hour can consume up to 2 GB of internet quota. Checking quota consumption by applications on mobile phones can usually be done through the mobile data settings menu. Apps with video or image sharing services, such as Instagram and TikTok can consume a lot of data.

Turn off Background data

The next way to save internet quota is to turn off Background data or data that runs in the background. Use background data to keep apps from getting activity updates. If the application doesn’t really need this data, you can turn it off to save the internet quota.