Youngsters’ science middle and pirate-, Egyptian- and mermaid-themed treasure hunt leisure middle opening

Hands On Science caters to young families with kids between 2 and 12 years old, featuring the mascot Professor Slime, “the Region’s mad scientist.”

“There’s nothing like it in Northwest Indiana,” Pete said. “It’s definitely filling a void. There’s no kids’ museum here. This offers imaginative play and pure science exhibits geared toward kids. It’s interactive and educational.” 

The 3,000-square-foot science center will have a tornado simulator, a light lab where kids can mix colors and a flight lab where they can test the effect of airflow on different objects like paper cups.

“We’re going to have a variety of exhibits that teach broader principles of science,” he said. “Our exhibits will demonstrate weather, space, gravity, kinetic energy in motion, light, earth science and airflow.”

It will have a lightning simulator that flashes lighting, a giant plasma ball and a ball wall where kids can determine the speed balls roll down by deciding how steep of an incline to drop them down.

“It’s more interactive, with your hands,” he said. “It drew inspiration from the Museum of Science and Industry and other museums but it’s obviously a lot smaller and more local. But that makes it easier to visit for parents and grandparents. It’s easier to watch your kids here. It’s bringing that museum experience closer to home.”