Lauren Crampsie Heads To Viral Nation As President Of Marketing

We believe that your marketing team must be obsessed with delivering results for their clients to take your business further. The contents that are based on trending topics and are capable of evoking intense emotional responses are likely to go viral. Customize your promotion to fit your needs with our simple drag-and-drop form builder. Collect user generated content to display in a beautiful pre-built gallery. Rapidly grow your email & SMS list and increase social engagement. For a campaign to go viral, your audience will have to feel a strong emotion after watching it and that begins with them identifying with the ad.

You can easily create your campaign in your preferred language or in your targeted audience language. The incident lends further proof that brands are more comfortable than ever wading into once-taboo subjects, especially on social media as they vie for consumer attention. For instance, let’s say you create a brief “How to add filters to Instagram” YouTube video, but you also have an in-depth, “How to Use Instagram for Marketing” blog post — why not link to it in the description?

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A YouTube description should be fun, and demonstrate your brand’s personality or unique voice to an audience. Unlike more traditional forms of advertising, this is an opportunity for you to instill creativity and humor into your content. To explore the best tactics for writing YouTube descriptions, I spoke with Eric Peters, a Senior Growth Marketing Manager on HubSpot’s Academy team. He told me, ” is one of the primary ways YouTube knows what your video is about. Include links, additional resources, links to other videos and playlists, etc. Make sure the description box is easy to read.” HubSpot has compiled seven YouTube video description templates to help your business provide context to your viewers, rank better in search, organize your team, and link out to relevant webpages on your site. YouTube is the second largest search engine, with over 2 billion users per month — so it’s an undeniably powerful channel for your marketing efforts.

And from this badge, Mint got free advertising on 600 different blogs from both normal people and influencers. Further, achieved recognition as providing useful information and being concerned about users. This way it ended up attracting more users and bloggers to write blogs on Mint for free. User-generated content can be one of your viral breakthroughs if you allow it to happen.