Organizational insight through an EA Tool

Maybe you have heard the name pass by a number of times. In the last ten years a new software tool has found its way into almost every large to medium-sized enterprise; The EA tool. A digital Enterprise Architecture Tool to keep track of internal company information and view, visualize, model, manage and store it. For both the present and the future. Not only for viewing the current state of affairs, but also the innovation of your company.

If you use the wrong or no EA tool at all, which means that you can no longer keep track of things, you run the risk that both business strategy, business transformation and modernization efforts might fail in the future, which will have bigger consequences within your business organization. We therefore define EA tools as software platforms designed to support leaders or stakeholders of enterprise architect, technology innovation and businesses. EA tools give support in disciplines like planning, analysing, designing, innovation and improvement. They support the capture and visualization of information from companies, technology domains and their solutions.

One of many examples of an EA tool is the “BlueDolphin Tool” which provides clear insight into the following architectures; business, information, solution, tech and security.

These are crucial to turn EA into a strategic organisation planning that will deliver targeted business results. A tool as BlueDolphin helps to link IT efforts to business operations and strategy; which will help to record and address the responses to organizational business disruption. Therefore, it also helps in delivering business results and mitigating risks. This includes providing support, communicating with, and collaborating with related EA disciplines, including the following skills: Governance, risk and compliance. Plus management in enterprise risk, knowledge, portfolio, innovation, IT service and finance. Including the analysis of processes.

Do not underestimate the capabilities of your organization and start early with the necessary innovation for your company of the future. Choose a good EA Tool as soon as possible to regain insight into your organization.