Seo Basics

Using productive tools for performing result-driven SEO is what we do to drive more leads to your business. EZ Rankings leverages a full stack of SEO paid tools that help us to identify growth opportunities faster and implement the strategies with higher accuracy. From keyword research to on-page optimization and acquiring backlinks, we leverage performance-driven tools to collect data and implement strategies. We use measurement tools that help us in creating monthly reports so that you can keep track of your campaigns.

Learn more about local SEO with Bright Local’s article “What is Local SEO? For more information about technical SEO, Alex Chris has written an excellent article on What is Technical SEO? HTTPS simply means the website is protected with an SSL certificate.

Page authority involves a substantially similar analysis to domain authority but is conducted only on a single page. Pages with a high authority tend to perform better in search results. URL — The URL is the digital address of a webpage that is unique from all other pages.

It focuses on things like fast loading times, a safe connection, and a mobile-friendly design. Schema is the result of a collaboration of several search engines. It’s basically just a subset of specific HTML tags that improves the way the SERPs display your content. Keyword research is done for several different reasons, but the two primary reasons are to rank on Google and create relevant content. Keywords can often open the door to inspiration by telling you exactly what people want to know based on what they’re searching for. HubSpot set a benchmark showing that posting frequently helps with Google rankings.

These tactics can end up getting you penalised and/or your site banned from search engines. Technical setup, content, and links are critical to getting a website into the search results. Website Security — Search engines are wary of referring traffic to unsecured or unsafe websites. These destinations pose an inherent risk to the end-user, which typically results in downgraded search rankings. By securing their website with HTTPS and SSL certificates, an organization can gain credibility from a search rankings standpoint.

It’s a tale as old as time – well, as old as business, anyway. You require digital marketing services, and you’re prepared to part with some of your hard-earned cash to get the right stuff. Ranking in search engines usually leads to both consistent and passive traffic. That’s rarely the case for mediums like social media and email marketing that often result in traffic spikes that quickly fade to nothing.