‘the Northman’s Seemingly Accidental Viral Marketing Campaign

The campaign said that they will provide nothing for buying their products. Instead of discounts, they promised to double donations from purchases made over the weekend. They launched a 0% off campaign from Black Friday to Giving Tuesday. The ad on Facebook read 0% off but the company ended with quadrupling sales. Then, there is another viral marketing campaign brought by Dove. The purpose of the campaign was to let women know that they’re more beautiful than they think.

Bucking the usual trend of automobile advertisements showing the raw power or the design of its vehicles, Volvo took a creative turn to highlight their vehicle’s perfection & precision through storytelling. Launched in 2013, Coca-Cola’s “Small World Machines” campaign sought out to bring together two groups of people who were used to living with conflict – the people of Pakistan and India. Following a time-tested story structure helps to ensure you … Read More

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